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  • From small food product lables to the ones used by the ink industry – Unigraf specializes in all kinds of IML lables.

    At Unigraf we have the most advanced IML technology in Europe. We can fulfill the terms and conditions of any contract – regardless of size, lable purpose or foil type.

    The production process of IML labels involves the use of the most innovative technologies and solutions, such as glossy foil decoration or working with squeezable foil that counteracts package deformation.

    We meet the most stringent requirements that are placed on the production of IML labels. Unigraf’s highest quality of services is possible due to its unique cooperation with the leading European packaging manufacturers that use IML technology.

    The production of IML lables was made possible in 2005 after we adapted KBA Rapida 105 machine to our manufacturing process. Today – thanks to the support of the EU Innovative Economy Programme – our customers’ needs can be swiftly satisfied. Unigraf’s most modern production line consisting of KBA Rapida 106, high-speed sheet feeders Mabeg and Eagle cold foil system, can cater for even the most unique orders.

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